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Emblematic logo.

The ROOTE logo represents the crossroads of multimodal information between operators and mobility users. As a mobility hub, the four loops are comparable to the four pillars of the MaaS 'Mobility as a Service' representing information identification, reservation, payment and multimodal journey. The infinite sign represents the renewal of information in real time that will probably never end.

INPI. (N°4475111)

Work on ROOTE and its operation is recorded at the INPI. The brand, logos and creations are the subject of the registration N°4475111. In accordance with the laws in force, the fraudulent use of the brand with the intention of deceiving the user will systematically be the subject of a complaint.


The logo and trademark are subject to copyright law. The downloadable vector and png versions of our logo and trademark are exclusively reserved for certain uses and are detailed below. We ask you to respect our branding guidelines and not to modify the logo in any way.

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